Announcement Renovations of the Sammon Gate
 Sep. 23, 2018 The Autumn Higan-e Ceremony NEW
 Sep. 18-19, 2018 The Kanshi-e Ceremony
(Memorial Ceremony for the Twenty-sixth High Priest Nichikan Shonin)
 Sep. 12, 2018 The Gonan-e Ceremony
(Ceremony Commemorating the Tatsunokuchi Persecution)
 Aug. 19-20, 2018 The Summer Study Tozan for Overseas Believers
 Aug. 14-15, 2018 The Urabon-e Ceremony
 Aug. 3-5, 2018 Training camp for the Hokkeko Marching Band and Children Group
 Aug. 2-3, 2018 The 650th Anniversary of Fifth High Priest Nichigyo Shonin
and the 600th Anniversary of the Eighth High Priest Nichiei Shonin
 July 28-29, 2018 The Seventh Camping for the Hokkeko Members of Junior and Senior High School Students
 June 11-12, 2018 The 250th Anniversary of Thirty-first High Priest Nichi’in Shonin
 May 19-20, 2018 Hokkeko Summer Study Tozan
 May 1, 2018 The Daigyō-e Ceremony
 Apr. 28, 2018 The Risshū-e Ceremony
 Apr. 27, 2018 The Honin-shiki Ceremony
 Apr. 6-7, 2018 The Mushibarai-e Ceremony
 Mar. 28, 2018 The Tokudo-shiki Ceremony
 Mar. 28, 2018 The Ceremony for Repaying Debts of Gratitude for the Inner Declaration of True Buddhism
 Mar. 24-25, 2018 Hokkeko Spring General Tozan
 Mar. 21, 2018 The Spring Higan-e Ceremony
 Mar. 3, 2018 The 100th Anniversary of Fifty-fifth High Priest Nippu Shonin
 Feb. 16, 2018 Otanjō-e Ceremony
 Feb. 6-7, 2018 Kōshi-e Ceremony
 Feb. 3, 2018 Setsubun-e Ceremony
 Jan. 2 and 3, 2018 First Tozan for the Nichiren Shoshu Hokkeko Members
 Jan. 1, 2018 New Year’s Gongyō
 Nov. 25, 2017 The Commemorative Ceremony Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Establishment and the Rebuilding of the Main Hall of Toyo-zan Jimyoji Temple
 Nov. 20-21, 2017 The Gotai-e Ceremony
 Nov. 15, 2017 The Mokushi-e Ceremony
(Memorial Ceremony for Third High Priest Nichimoku Shonin)
 Nov. 1, 2017 The Restoration of the Nitemmon Gate of Taisekiji was completed
 Oct. 4, 2017 The 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of Fuji Gakurin Institute